Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Black Midi Dress!

Hello there everyone! 
Hope you're well :)

I just got home from the Gym and I'm pretty exhausted..workin' for that bikini body! :D

For today, I want to show you a simple all black outfit. I was wearing a black midi dress from a jersey material with some black boots and a red clutch for a small pop of color. As for accessories, I kept it really simple, just a golden necklace.

I really like this dress because you can style it in different ways. I will try and restyle it in future posts :)

Maybe it's just me or maybe it's something in the air but I find myself in a sort of a strange mood. Or maybe it's the spring asthenia haha. I heard that you can "cure" this asthenia with shopping, so in stores with me!!! :))

Anyway not to worry, I will try and bring myself up because Easter is right around the corner and you just can't be sad when you know that the Easter Bunny is coming loaded with gifts (hopefully!)

Monday, 30 March 2015

Pop of Color!


First of all, sorry for the lack of posts in the last two days, but deadlines and partials are coming, and things are starting to get busy.

But don't worry, we are still here! 

Today I had a lovely photo-shoot in the sunny Bucharest and I'm very happy with the results. 
As for my outfit, I decided it was time for some color to match with the nice weather.

So, I choose this knitted bright red sweater, a furry vest, black leather trousers, some black boots and a cute blue bag.

Here are some of the pictures!

Friday, 27 March 2015

Sun. Park. Nude Sweater Dress !

Happy Friday everyone!

You know it's gonna be a great day when you wake up in the morning and the sun is shining. That's exactly how yesterday was for me. 

And since Spring can't yet make her mind whether or not to stay (right now it's cold and raining..so please warm weather come faster!!!), when you see the sun shining you have to go out and enjoy every second of it.

So, that's what we did, we took a nice, long walk in the park. Of course, pictures included.

As for my outfit, I choose something comfy, a nude sweater dress, short pants, black over the knee boots and a hat.. I know, I have a serious problem with hats. But they complete your outfit so nicely. 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Fluffy sweater on sales!

New post loooooves! How is your day?

I'm very excited about this one! I love the  photos I took yesterday and I hope you'll love it even more. :D

Today we had a shooting for futures posts and we had a lot fun in the park! The sun was with us too and everything was perfect. If you saw two crazy girls in Herăstrău  Park today, that will be us:)). I love it when the sun comes out and the people go out to take walks with their friends, family and pets.  It's another vibe, you know?

Now, let's talk about my outfit, shall we?

I have the most amazing fluffy sweater!!! I bought it last week and I loveeee it! It was on sales, so double happiness for me:">. You can find it at H&M ( I bought it from Promenada mall in Romania). You will love how fluffy and warm it is! I was wearing it with a pair of blue jeans, black boots, a very big black bag and a silver necklace. And because in the morning was a bit cold, I added a black knitted scarf. 

Hope you like it!  Oh.. and go buy this one!! You won't regret it!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Long Shirt Dress For a Coachella Inspired Look !


Today was such a nice, warm and sunny day in Bucharest so of course we had another fun photo shoot. Ouh and also we've finally changed location haha.

A few days ago, while doing some spring cleaning in my closet, I've rediscovered a long shirt dress that I've totally forgotten about. The little treasures you find while spring cleaning!!!

I like how flowy this shirt is. It's also versatile, you can wear it like I did, or on its own. Not to worry, you will see it again styled differently :D

For today, I felt a little Coachella inspired, so I decided to bring some of the elements in my outfit.

I chose to wear the shirt dress as an cardigan styled with a black top, black eco leather trousers and some black boots. As for accessories, I went for my new round sunglasses, cuz I like the hippie vibe they give, perfectly for my Coachella inspired look I was going for, and three layered necklaces. The make-up was natural and I had my hair in a loose updo. 

Let me know if you like my outfit :D

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Striped side cut long T-shirt look!

Hey loves! How are  you? Are you having a good day? 

Let me know how is your day.

Mine? I'm exhausted. My neighbors right under me are renovating and they woke me up like 8 a.m.  with a nice headache. So, because of that, I skipped college and stayed in bed  today:">.. Not all day!! Just between 8 and 13:00 o clock. 

After that, I decided to cook something and spent like 5 hours in the kitchen. You get me now? 

Not one of my best days, but.. neither the worse. 

I've seen a lot of people around here in just a few days so I want to thank you for being so active. You're amazing! I'm getting positive energy from you and means a lot for us. Thank you one more time!

Today, I'll show you my yesterday's outfit. About that, it was so freakin' cold yesterday!! I was freezing:|. What's wrong with this weather? (Romanians will get me here)
Whatever. Yesterday  I was wearing a pair of black leather pants, one striped side cut long T-shirt, silver sneakers, black jacket, black bag and some accessories. 


Monday, 23 March 2015

New Sunglasses !

Hello, Anreea here!

How are you beautiful people from the internet?
It's Monday again, everybody's going back to school or work and we are all recovering from the weekend, myself included. 

So, in order to spoil myself a bit I decided to start my week with a little treat and I bought a new pair of sunglasses. 
I've been noticing this round glasses trend and I'm definitely on the bandwagon :D

This ones are from Stradivarius (and for you, my Romanian girls, I'll give an extra tip, you can find them at Stradivarius Unirii , thank me later haha) and they are really cheap, so yey for me.

Sadly, the weather didn't cope with me and the sun was hiding between the clouds pretty much all day. But not to worry cuz this did not stop this little enthusiast from taking a few pictures. Although, to be honest, it was kind of freezing cold :(


Saturday, 21 March 2015

Sunny Day in Bucharest!

Beautiful people,

Spring it's finally here!! Today for me was a beautiful sunny day. What about you?

 I went again at OI Franklin9 to buy a beautiful black dress < I'll take some photos later>  and, since I was out and the sun was too, I also took a little walk. It turns out that the Romanian Atheneum is our new favorite place because we spent a lot of time there today:)). 

Although, it has a lot to do with the fact that is very very very close of OI.

 Anyway, firstly we stopped to grab a cup of coffee, so.. amazing place, sun, clean fresh air, two girls stayin' on a bench => well..a perfect picture!

Ohh.. and there were a lot of pigeons flying around. Honestly, I wish you were there with us to admire the view and feel the warmth of the sun.. It was amazing!

For today, I chose black again. I don't think I'll ever get bored of this color, so, you better get used to it because you'll see a lot of black around here! XD

I went for that beautiful cardigan you already know, black jeans, black boots, black top, black bag, silver necklace and a pair of glasses, of course.

Here are the photos. Let me know if you like them! 

Friday, 20 March 2015

Happy Day + OOTD !


First of all, Happy International Day of Happiness!

Today for us started in the usual way, nothing special. The weather was still bad, cloudy and rainy, so no solar eclipse for us :(

In the afternoon, we decided to fight the weather and go out. So, a cute coffeehouse was the perfect place.
A good cup of coffee, a cozy place, great music, friends and wireless..can you ask for more?

After a long period of Instagram scrolling and Blog comments responding (for which we want to enormously thank you!!!! <3 ) we went on a walk on the streets of Bucharest.

While wondering the streets we've spotted a little shop called OI Franklin9 and of course we immediately went inside. Inside, surprise surprise was Irina Milenkovici!!! It turns out OI is her shop.

Needless to say how excited and happy we were to see her there. We've tried on some of the clothes, and chatted with her, she is such a lovely person!

After the shopping was done, we continued our walk and also took some great pics at the Romanian Athenaeum.

So here are some of the pictures, hope you will enjoy them!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

All Black Outfit

Hei, sweethearts!

How are you? Personally, I am so sleepy right now.. God, I'm tryin' to keep my eyes open to write down this article.  Last night was one of our girlfriends birthday and we had one of those "party all night long" nights. Anreea can confirm this:))!

We had a lot of fun and met new friendly people. I was in bed around 7 a.m. and woke up around 12, so, 5 hours of sleep didn't work out too well for me, I guess. Whatever, this is not the real topic for today. The real topic was my last night outfit XD. 

Yesterday, I found the most amazing H&M hooded cardigan . Its color? 
You have one guess!! :)) 
Seriously, I'm in love with this cardigan!! Made my night! You know that feeling when you are in love with your outfit and it makes your day? I think this one made my whole week! 
I was wearing it with a pair of short leather black pants on top of black tights, a black top and, of course, a pair of black boots! 

Yeah, all black baby!! Or.. How I wrote in my Facebook post last night, I was feeling like a black widow end enjoyed every second of it! :))

To accessorize my outfit I used one long layered necklace. It's very important to wear any type of accessories because they complete your outfit and give you that.. something! 
But also, it's very important not to wear way too many accessories at the same time. You don't want to be kitchy. Speaking of, how Chanel said it one time "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror, and  remove one accessory."

Now, to achieve that "Bad Girl" look, I added Rebel by Mac lipstick and smokey-eyes make up. 

Here's a picture! <sorry for the quality >

*Hooded Cardigan - H&M
*Short leather pants - H&M
*Top - H&M
*Boots - Stradivarius
*Necklace - Mango

XO Al.

When the weather it's awful

Hi there!

Hope you're well.
Myself, I'm all all tucked up in bed although it's only half past six. I'm not feeling sick and i'm definitely not a grandma..but the weather it's awful!

I don't know how the weather is where you live, but in Bucharest it seems like winter it's not planning to leave anytime soon. It's cloudy and windy and it even snowed..

So since going out it off the table I started thinking what else I can do with my free time. 
So here are some of the ideas:

First of all you can clean up, I know, it doesn't sound appealing but since you are stuck in the house might as well do something useful that will also help you consume some of the energy.

Next you can read a book and I also have a suggestion for you, Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover. It's an easy to read book about a complicated love story and the most important part, the main character in the movie that is being made based on this book is...drum rolls Nick Bateman ohh the feels :)). So girls, put your imagination to work. 

If reading is not a good option you can also watch a movie or a sitcom such as Friends or Two and a Half Men, something funny that will take your mind off the bad weather. If a large cup of hot chocolate and a cozy blanket it's involved, the day will be complete.

Another option would be a PJ party, with pizza, chocolate, a good movie and lots of laughs.

For me, the PJ party it's about to start, so I'll wrap my blog post here. Hope my suggestions helped some of you get trough a cold day or if where you live is sunny, please go out and enjoy your day!

Thank you for reading! 

xx - An.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Who's Anreea?

Hello everyone,

I'm Anreea, the other half from Pinch of Black. 

Now it's my turn to say something about myself. I'm 22 years old, I'm majoring in economics at the ASE Bucharest.

As for other things I love, I can mention makeup, fashion, shopping, chocolate, reading good books, watching tone of movie series and taking long walks in the park. 
I like summer thunder storms and snowy Christmases, I actually am a little Christmas freak haha. 

I absolutely adore animals, especially my little dog, Lara. 

I'm trying to have a healthier lifestyle, eating the right thing at the right hour, going to the gym regularly, etc. 

More about me you will find out in my future posts and hopefully you will enjoy them. 

xx An. 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Who's Allie?

So.. Hellooo!
 Here, Allie. This is my first poooost. So.. please, don't be too judgmental.. I'm really excited about this. 
First of all, in this post I want to talk a little about myself.
 Well.. I’m 21 years old, actually my birthday was like a week ago. 
I'm not the skinny type, although, I look pretty good. Just kidin' :))).. I will insert a photo of myself so you can see with your own eyes how I actually look like.

 I'm an only child, actually, I only have my Mom, but she's not living with me at the moment because she's not in Romania. I've been raised by my grandparents, in a small town, with animals and all that stuff:)). I attended highschool there, and now, I'm a student at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. 
About my passions, I love everything that has to do with fashion (we'll talk about this subject later), shopping, reading books, painting, EATING (a lot), traveling and discovering as many new things as my time allows. 

As for my qualities, I’m ambitious, kind, friendly, smart, good with words and I have a really big heart. On the other hand, I can also be very stubborn, impulsive, and a day dreamer.. not sure if the last one is 100% a bad thing because.. you know what they say: dream big or don’t dream at all!!
 And these would be a few words to help you make a small idea about myself. I hope  you'll enjoy my future posts! See ya! Let me know what do you think about me. Tomorrow we'll actually get into business! :)) 


Monday, 16 March 2015

About us

Hi guys!

We are Allie and Anreea, two young girls from Romania, students in Bucharest.
 Apart from being classmates, we are also very passionate about fashion and pretty much everything beauty related.

After a couple of years of following a bunch of fashion bloggers and beauty gurus online, we've decided to start our own blog, hoping to inspire and maybe make your days a bit better. We'll be posting about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, love stories, food and every interesting thought that we'll have in mind.

So here it is, our blog, Pinch of Black.

Why black? Well..because it's our happy color :D

We hope you will enjoy it and you'll join us in this journey!

XOXO - Al&An