Friday, 20 March 2015

Happy Day + OOTD !


First of all, Happy International Day of Happiness!

Today for us started in the usual way, nothing special. The weather was still bad, cloudy and rainy, so no solar eclipse for us :(

In the afternoon, we decided to fight the weather and go out. So, a cute coffeehouse was the perfect place.
A good cup of coffee, a cozy place, great music, friends and wireless..can you ask for more?

After a long period of Instagram scrolling and Blog comments responding (for which we want to enormously thank you!!!! <3 ) we went on a walk on the streets of Bucharest.

While wondering the streets we've spotted a little shop called OI Franklin9 and of course we immediately went inside. Inside, surprise surprise was Irina Milenkovici!!! It turns out OI is her shop.

Needless to say how excited and happy we were to see her there. We've tried on some of the clothes, and chatted with her, she is such a lovely person!

After the shopping was done, we continued our walk and also took some great pics at the Romanian Athenaeum.

So here are some of the pictures, hope you will enjoy them!

Thank you for reading!
xx An&Al